Id Subject Date
23 Virtual keyboard for Raspberry Pi using 'uinput' feb 2014
22 Slasher feb 2014
21 Digital SM Part III: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and Raspberry Pi master feb 2014
20 Digital SM Part II: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and PIC18F4550 continued jan 2014
19 Running C64 emulator VICE on a Raspberry Pi from the console (composite video, PAL) jan 2014
18 Digital SM Part I: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and PIC18F4550 Master jan 2014
17 Microsoft Windows Azure Ubuntu Proxy Server for Netflix or other location dependent purposes dec 2013
16 Programming a loosely coupled system: Gadgeteer Robot-F6 okt 2013
15 Gadgeteer GHI Extender Module, combining functionality: one port for motor drive and distance measurements sep 2013
14 Single shot service for mapping my second hard disk on start up with 'diskpart' sep 2013

Welcome to This blog reflects my personal interests:
  • PIC controllers: especially Microchip's microcontrollers 18F2550, 18F4550, 16F628A
  • Programming in C#, C++, C, Assembly (once in a while)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Android box: M8