Id Subject Date
1 Battery (dis-)charger mrt 2012
2 CFL UV-box (Energy Saving Lights) apr 2012
3 MVC3: handling site updates aug 2012
4 Runway with PIC18F2550 sep 2012
5 Microchip USB driver for PIC18F4550 (Windows 7 64-bit) okt 2012
6 Using Velleman K8076/VM134 PIC-programmer with Microchip's Library of Applications: USB programming basics okt 2012
7 PIC18F4550 Scope: capturing the output of a 555-timer IC nov 2012
8 PIC18F4550 USB Scope speed limits jan 2013
9 PIC16F628A LCD driver (assembly) feb 2013
10 Debugging your assembly code with Velleman K8076/VM134 PIC-programmer feb 2013

Welcome to This blog reflects my personal interests:
  • PIC controllers: especially Microchip's microcontrollers 18F2550, 18F4550, 16F628A
  • Programming in C#, C++, C, Assembly (once in a while)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Android box: M8