Id Subject Date
15 Gadgeteer GHI Extender Module, combining functionality: one port for motor drive and distance measurements sep 2013
24 Gadgeteer Robot-F6 (part II) apr 2014
5 Microchip USB driver for PIC18F4550 (Windows 7 64-bit) okt 2012
17 Microsoft Windows Azure Ubuntu Proxy Server for Netflix or other location dependent purposes dec 2013
25 Mounting a Buffalo Linkstation NAS on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbmc) or other Linux distro apr 2014
3 MVC3: handling site updates aug 2012
9 PIC16F628A LCD driver (assembly) feb 2013
27 PIC18F4550 based arcade game controller for Raspberry PI running C64 emulator "VICE" aug 2014
32 PIC18F4550 driver for 1.8" TFT display (128x160 pixels) mei 2015
33 PIC18F4550 driver for 1.8" TFT display part II: moving sinus nov 2015

Welcome to This blog reflects my personal interests:
  • PIC controllers: especially Microchip's microcontrollers 18F2550, 18F4550, 16F628A
  • Programming in C#, C++, C, Assembly (once in a while)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Android box: M8