My name is Erwin van Dijk (or officially: Eeuwe van Dijk). I live in the Netherlands. I'm a software developer. I wrote my first program in 1986 on a C64. First in BASIC, after a while in assembly.
During my study Electronic Information Technology, I learned C and C++. After my study (1997) I started to work at Nucletron and HITT as a software engineer (via Multec, PTS Software and Profit-Consulting): Those were my C++ years.
In 2003 Nucletron started to work with .NET C#. They asked me if I'd like to learn this "on the job" and I'm glad I did.
From WinForms in 2003, switched to ASP.NET Web Form and since last year, I'm dealing with the challenges of ASP.NET MVC3 and the Entity Framework (code first).


Some time ago, I decided to have my own blog and my first idea of a blog was blogging about building a blog in MVC3. Maybe I will someday, but there are already others how covered this subject. But finally I've things up and running using MVC3, Entity Framework and more.
After I build the blog web app, I had to merge it with my old WebForms site without loss of static links. Which meant that I had to keep the old aspx alive and redirect them to new actions and controllers.

Life after code?

Besides developing Software, I like studying Russian, playing the guitar, listening to music (Blues, Rock, Metal, etc.), electronics (designing PCBs, PIC-programming, ah, but that's programming again).