May be I'm the only one, strugling with converting slashes to forward slashes. It has probably to do with working with both Microsoft Windows and linux distro's and tools. I know you can use Notepad++ or any other editor to achieve the conversion, but I thought: why not write a simple online tool that does the trick?

<h2>Slasher</h2> <script type="text/javascript"> function forward2backslash() { var content = $("#idSlash").val(); content = content.replace(/\//g, '\\'); $("#idSlash").val(content); }; function backslah2forward() { var content = $("#idSlash").val(); content = content.replace(/\\/g, '\/'); $("#idSlash").val(content); }; </script> <div> <input type="text" id="idSlash" value="" size="100" /> <input type="button" id="btnForward2BackSlash" onclick="forward2backslash()" value="/ => \" /> <input type="button" id="btnBackSlash2Forward" onclick="backslah2forward()" value="\ => /" /> </div>

The result is shown below:

The Slasher:

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