My name is Erwin van Dijk. My pseudonym/artist name is Eeuwe Vandyke 😄. I live in the Netherlands and I'm a software developer/architect.
Way back in 1986 I wrote my first programs in BASIC and assembly on a C64.
During my study Electronic Information Technology, I learned C and C++.
After my study (1997) I started to work as a C++ developer.
In 2003 I switched to .NET C# writing desktop applications.
Nowadays (2020) I merely write ASP.NET Core Web Applications as a freelance software engineer/architect at Vandyke IT Solutions.


In 2012 I started this blog more or less as an exercise to learn ASP.NET MVC3.
I gradually added content, converted the site to APS.NET4 and 5 and in November 2015 I wrote my last blog item: founding a company is fun, but takes a lot of time.
In 2019/2020 I had issues with my hosting provider regarding SSL certificates. This was when I decided to move all my sites to another hosting provider or VPS.
So finally here it is: ASP.NET Core Linux VMS hosted blog site. Thanx to Microsoft it runs on Linux.

Life after code?

Besides developing Software, I like:
- playing the guitar.
- listening to music: Blues, Rock, Metal, etc.
- building analogue synthesizers.
- electronics: designing PCBs, PIC-programming, ah, but that's programming again.
- studying Russian.

Eeuwe Vandyke