Fix for stuttering Netflix on Android Box
A few days ago my new M8 android box arrived. One of the things I bought the box for, is watching Netflix.
M8 Quad Core Android 4.4 Mini PC 4K TV Box
M8 Quad Core Android 4.4 Mini PC 4K TV Box

I was disappointed by the performance of the app. It "stutters". Every 5 seconds or so, the movie stopped a bit (hitch). I checked Netflix on my PC with the same cable connected. No problem at all, so my network is fast enough. I took a look at the settings of the app. One of the settings surprised me: "WIFI-only". This setting wasn't checked. My guess, the app is tuned for WIFI connections. Android was merely used for mobile devices. I decided to do the following changes:
  • set Netflix to "WIFI-only" (starting Netflix now gives error that wifi only is selected)
  • Change the M8 box setting-> network --> WIFI
After these changes, I started Netflix again. I watched the same movie for a while: no stuttering anymore.
Netflix for Android
Netflix for Android

Problem solved! I think the app is checking every 5 seconds whether there's a WIFI-connection available. As soon as the WIFI connection is available, I will use this connection. This is a good thing on mobile devices in order to keep the costs for data low. But I vote for an extra option: "don't check WIFI" or "use ethernet" or "whatever". Now I'm forced to use WIFI: Another wasted wall outlet...
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