Welcome to www.fsays.eu. This blog reflects my personal interests:
  • PIC controllers: especially Microchip's microcontrollers 18F2550, 18F4550, 16F628A
  • Programming in C#, C++, C, Assembly (once in a while)
  • Raspberry Pi projects
  • Android box: M8

2019-11-24     Where are you? [Edit 2020-05-17]: coming soon building an Analog Modular Synthesizer with a PIC18F2550   

2015-11-02     PIC18F4550 driver for 1.8" TFT display part II: moving sinus   

2015-05-07     PIC18F4550 driver for 1.8" TFT display (128x160 pixels)    

2015-04-16     PIC18F4550 Scope II: CDC bulk mode   

2015-03-10     Answer 42   

2015-01-22     Using cron job to move files from dreambox to nas   

2014-11-17     Windows 8: Updating file ownership with dangling users   

2014-08-03     PIC18F4550 based arcade game controller for Raspberry PI running C64 emulator "VICE"   

2014-06-10     Fix for stuttering Netflix on Android Box   

2014-04-16     Mounting a Buffalo Linkstation NAS on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbmc) or other Linux distro   

2014-04-01     Gadgeteer Robot-F6 (part II)   

2014-02-22     Virtual keyboard for Raspberry Pi using 'uinput'   

2014-02-15     Slasher   

2014-02-09     Digital SM Part III: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and Raspberry Pi master   

2014-01-26     Digital SM Part II: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and PIC18F4550 continued   

2014-01-20     Running C64 emulator VICE on a Raspberry Pi from the console (composite video, PAL)   

2014-01-08     Digital SM Part I: I2C PIC18F4550 Slave and PIC18F4550 Master   

2013-12-07     Microsoft Windows Azure Ubuntu Proxy Server for Netflix or other location dependent purposes   

2013-10-09     Programming a loosely coupled system: Gadgeteer Robot-F6   

2013-09-30     Gadgeteer GHI Extender Module, combining functionality: one port for motor drive and distance measurements   

2013-09-17     Single shot service for mapping my second hard disk on start up with 'diskpart'   

2013-07-14     WiFi RN171 Example project   

2013-06-14     Electronic wire frame game with three 7 segment LCD displays   

2013-03-27     Capacitance meter with Microchip's PIC 16F628A and DEM 16216-SGH   

2013-02-22     Debugging your assembly code with Velleman K8076/VM134 PIC-programmer    

2013-02-19     PIC16F628A LCD driver (assembly)   

2013-01-06     PIC18F4550 USB Scope speed limits   

2012-11-25     PIC18F4550 Scope: capturing the output of a 555-timer IC   

2012-10-20     Using Velleman K8076/VM134 PIC-programmer with Microchip's Library of Applications: USB programming basics   

2012-10-10     Microchip USB driver for PIC18F4550 (Windows 7 64-bit)   

2012-09-29     Runway with PIC18F2550   

2012-08-21     MVC3: handling site updates   

2012-04-15     CFL UV-box (Energy Saving Lights)   

2012-03-04     Battery (dis-)charger